A Year-Round Conservatory

One of the fundamental requirements and first requests made by people contemplating a conservatory or glazed Garden Room, is that they wish to use it THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. not solely a glazed room for grey Summer days.

Those not familiar with well designed glazed Sun Rooms, may suggest they are not really suitable for that purpose. However, the many thousands of people who have such buildings and find them to be by far their most popular and well used room, thoroughly wish to disagree!

I have spent many enjoyable evenings, well into the early hours, comfortably enjoying the unique opportunity of dining and being entertained in customer’s or friends conservatories. The temperature outside was well below freezing and often snow on the ground. Heating was of course required – but not much more than will be required within your home if the conservatory Sun Room is designed and constructed to a suitably high specification.

Considerable pleasure will be enjoyed during the darker British days when you may well have lights on in the house and be thinking that our English winters go on forever. The uniquely uplifting feeling you will experience comfortably cocooned in your glazed Sun Room has often been likened to arriving at your balmy holiday destination, having left a wet and windy British airport. During the summer, we often have many dreadfully unpleasant days when the temperature is far below that which would allow you to sit in the garden, the general atmosphere is grey and overcast, far removed from that which we had hoped for in the middle of summer. A well designed Glazed Garden Room will allow you to take a cup of tea or your favourite beverage into the garden whenever you choose.

It is PARTICULARLY on these occasions that a conservatory will offer the unique opportunity to sit out in your garden, and continue to have fun with your family, or entertain your friends beneath the protected environment of a glazed Sun Room.

When you have planned a special barbecue it can proceed with all the fun and anticipated pleasure which you will have carefully planned. With an umbrella or similar over your barbecue, you will still be able to prepare all of your food out of doors and dine in the Sun Room, with the same atmosphere as if you were sitting out in the garden.

You will be able to cultivate tropical plants, which will give you tremendous pleasure and certainly amaze your friends by creating a truly exotic atmosphere. Gone are the days when common or garden geraniums, fuchsias or similar are the only possibilities. You can develop beautiful jasmine, hoya, boranvillia and many others into a breathtaking display, which will outstandingly wash away many of the winter depressions or summer blues, because they will be protected from the uncertainty of our unfortunate English climate.

Add to this a beautifully designed interior, with suitable rugs, cane furniture, ceiling fan and special lighting. With good imagination your conservatory interior can be designed to provide you with a unique atmosphere and environment. It will certainly be the envy of all your friends and give you an incredible uplift when the weather is not pleasing, for you to relax with a book and cup of tea.

I have visited conservatories which literally TOOK MY BREATH AWAY, simply because the owners used their imagination and, also, appreciated that a unique opportunity existed for them to create a room which could never have been achieved in any other part of their home, as a direct consequence of a light, bright, warm and amazing atmosphere offered by the unique glazed structure.

If you want to see ‘steam coming from my nostrils’, introduce me to one of those unfortunate people who say that conservatories are ‘…too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter…’ They, or their colleagues, have simply requested, or had constructed, an inappropriately designed building with inferior materials.

Last year I had the privilege to be invited to a special evening which I will never forget. The hosts were entertaining a number of celebrity guests who regularly travel throughout the world and were not to be easily impressed. They had a modest English garden and it was late summer. I arrived later in the evening and the main topic of conversation was how extraordinary it was to be relaxing in an English garden at that time of the year with absolutely no need to put on heavy clothing or ask when was it time to go back inside. The floodlights onto trees within the garden, ornamental pond and fountain just outside, plus attractive decor, lighting, colours, candles reflecting in the glass, all created a unique atmosphere which the guests were thoroughly impressed with.

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