Which Is The Best Elevation For My Sun Room?

Many people incorrectly believe that a south facing conservatory will overheat and be unusable during the summer months, whilst others consider a northerly elevation to be inappropriate.

The fact is that whichever elevation you choose, an excitingly light, bright and airy atmosphere will be created. Reliable information can be gained from existing conservatory owners, who will confirm that one of the very special benefits of a conservatory is that on a grey miserable day, the atmosphere under glass is incredibly refreshing, as it is some ten times brighter than indoors. We certainly get plenty of those days.

Thus whichever elevation you choose, enormous pleasure will be gained, because if the sun is not shining, all conservatories will enjoy the same bright atmosphere.

Naturally, conservatories need heating in the winter and shading in the summer. You only have to look in your wardrobe and compare very lightweight summer clothing to the very thick pullovers, thermal underwear and overcoats for winter, to be reminded that we ‘enjoy’ weather in this country, rather than seasons. We therefore need to heat or shade our conservatories appropriately.

A correctly designed conservatory with adequate ventilation, blinds and heating, can unquestionably be used throughout the year. A bitterly cold winter evening or hot summer afternoon should not drive anyone from their conservatory. If the project is researched and planned thoroughly, and carried out by an experienced and professional company, the end result should be enormously successful on any elevation of your home.

Choose whichever elevation you wish to suit your overall plans and appropriately lead into your selected area of garden.

There is absolutely no reason why you should not have Christmas dinner in the conservatory, enjoy traditional English breakfast on a bitterly cold frosty morning, or afternoon tea on a blistering hot summer’s afternoon, when designed and supplied by a professional company.

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