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Can you have a conservatory on a balcony?

Short answer: Yes!

The addition of a conservatory to your balcony can be the perfect solution for creating an outdoor space that is both comfortable and beautiful. With so many options when designing or redecorating your living area, the only hardship is working out where you’ll put everything. A conservatory could work well in any situation as long as there is room available on top without blocking other elements like entryways; whether indoors or outdoors and even if someone does not have access directly from their windowsill – this design overcomes all problems.


A balcony conservatory sounds like a tropical idea…

You don’t need to live in a warmer climate, nor have a particularly good view. The balcony conservatory is a spectacular of it’s own and will fit in just about anywhere (providing it is on a balcony of course!)

We will assess your space and provide you with different ideas that will work for you and your budget. Let us inspire you!