Below I have described some of the common causes of conservatory leaking roofs 

Leaking conservatory roofs are often the result of a poorly designed upper structure.

Polycarbonate can expand and contract allowing water to penetrate and if glass panels, these can move in the fullness of time.

If a roof design relies to a large degree on silicon sealing, this may well have shrunk back or deteriorated.
Many of the rubber of mastic gaskets set into conservatory roof bars on which the glass is bedded, become hardened or shrink will substantially deteriorate. It may be that these can be replaced and the roof re-glazed.
If a conservatory is 15 or 20 years old, the best way forward is usually a new roof but maintaining the side elevations. When this is carried out, there will be a choice of fitting the latest Heat Reflective Low ‘E’ Rasi-Clean Solar Reflective Glass Panels or Thermally Insulated Leather Grain Panelling.

Aerial view of conservatory

Some other reasons include:

  • Inadequate overall roof design
  • No professional lead flashing where the building abuts the wall
  • Flimsy polycarbonate or old double glazed units

A detailed survey by appropriate qualified and experienced persons may well present opportunities for the roof to be repaired.

Should this not be possible, then rather than a complete re-build, a new roof may well be appropriate fitted onto the existing side elevations.

Old glass or polycarbonate could be changed for the latest Heat Reflective Low ‘E’ Easi-clean glass or thermally insulated leather grain panels.