Transform your residence into a jaw-dropping sanctuary with our breathtaking conservatories. Or take an existing room to the next level with one of our stylish replacement conservatory roofs. Whether you’re in Blandford, Poole or Bournemouth and its environs – we have just what it takes to give your abode that perfect finishing touch.

These glazed extensions should perhaps be referred to as garden sun rooms. You may choose to have one which is fully glazed; with a part tiled roof with Velux Windows, or perhaps a glazed Lantern. We are able to construct using either hardwood, architectural aluminum, or selected UPVC.


The beautiful and elegant Victorian-designed conservatory will add a touch of class to your home. This design features three or five segment layout for optimum natural light.


The period conservatory is a great way to bring the feel of an era back into your home. These buildings are usually square or rectangular in shape, with glass from top-to bottom providing natural light and making it seem as if you’re closer towards nature than society has become today!

Modern (lean-to)

Victorian and Edwardian Conservatory designs are still popular for their historic appeal, but modern conservatories have become more prevalent in recent years. The main reason is that you can get better value per square foot as well as the fact most people feel it’s not appropriate on homes not from those periods


You can design a custom conservatory with David Fennings that will perfectly enhance your home. With an extensive range of frame and door options, we are well known for taking on the most complex challenges!

Conservatory Specialists:

A stunning choice of conservatories for you to design and personalise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Areas Do You Cover and Install In?
Although we are based in Blandford Forum in Dorset we have and do install our products throughout the whole of the South. Some key areas we have worked in include Bournemouth, Poole, Salisbury, Wimborne, Sanbanks, Lilliput, Canford Cliffs, Southampton, Dorchester and Winchester
How Long Should Construction of My Conservatory Take?

This depends on the size of each project. A conservatory or Sun Room of around 15 sq mm should mainly be completed within 4 weeks, once Planning Approval has been cleared and excavation of the foundations commenced. The principal building works should be finished during the first week. This will involve excavation of foundations and pouring concrete, building dwarf cavity walls with DPC, introducing an internal floor with damproof membrane and insulation plus a concrete oversite. If lead cavity trays are introduced, this would be during the second week whilst the preparatory building works are left to consolidate. Your conservatory installation would follow in the 3rd week and generally take around 5 days. The remaining week is in which the floor would be screeded, internal cill tiles layed and the electrics completed. It is important to be aware, that bad weather may well affect progress and that final laying of your floor finish, decorating and the introduction of blinds plus furniture should not be entertained until the conservatory has completely dried out, during the wet and colder months of the year, this will of course be consequently longer.
Some planning authorities will suggest 10/12 weeks for your application to be approved but most will be Delegated, which means it does not need to go before the main planning committee and our experience is that the general procedure is likely to be 6 weeks. When we are confident Approval is to be Granted, which is for most projects, we carry out the detailed technical survey as soon as the Application is submitted, so we may prepare drawings for manufacture, base construction and all glass units, we are thus able to achieve a completion time much more quickly following the Grant of Planning Permission.

Please call us to discuss your proposed project for advice regarding our Planning experience with many Council authorities for a realistic appraisal.

There are well over 500 RAL colours to choose from and these can be matt, satin or gloss. Our recommendation is that unless there is any overriding reason, white should be seriously considered, it will provide the lightest and brightest atmosphere within your Sun Room and substantially reflects the effect of degrading ultra violet rays. A dark brown or even green framework, may well mean a far less light and a reduced uplifting atmosphere on the all too often dark grey days and after the sun has set. Please do not only view a darker coloured conservatory on sunny days. Hardwood conservatories should incur only a small additional cost for colours but Architectural Aluminium and PVC may increase the price substantially, particularly if a non standard RAL colour is desired.
There are now designs using all three construction materials, for the frame work, which can be of dual colour. Whilst this opportunity might appeal initially, make sure you view one of these buildings carefully, as because from many positions inside and out, you will often see two colours and from experience we find that this outcome is not always ultimately pleasing, particularly for example if you have white inside and a dark brown externally – some suggest this may appear like wearing odd socks, so do be confident that it will be your best choice.

I Would Like to Have an Open Plan Design, Are Doors Into Our Conservatory Essential?

One of the criteria for exemption from Building Regulations, is that there must be doors separating your conservatory from the home. There is no reason however why doors cannot be omitted, as long as you are able to satisfy Building Regulation requirements, which will mean appropriate insulation values for not only the extension but those within your existing home This is called a SAP’s Rating and is carried out to satisfy Part L of Building Regulations. Should you be taking out an existing window or making a door opening wider, then a new lintel may be required and appropriate structural calculations will be necessary to ensure that no structural weaknesses are created, again all under Building Control.
Many people find that in the temperate South of England, doors between home and the Sun Room are seldom closed and the ultimate decision really depends on the amenity which you wish to create.

How Shall I Heat My Conservatory?

The good news is that even on a cloudy day the temperature in your conservatory without any heating will be very much warmer than outside due to solar gain, which so far the Chancellor has not taxed and you are of course fully protected from the wind. This very much means that whatever heating you decide to introduce, it will already have a kick start. It is usually best to choose one which is entirely independent of your home system thus responding to its own thermostatic control. The most popular choice is usually a 3kw Dimplex or a equivalent convector unit, with appropriate additional units for larger Sun Rooms.

Comfortable All Year Round:

You can enjoy your conservatory all year-round with a David Fennings conservatory. Whether it’s winter or summer, our expertly designed structures will be the perfect place for you to take in natural light and warmth without sacrificing any of what makes each season so special!