We are able to offer an extremely comprehensive lighting service, not only for our new customers but to anyone who has a garden sun room which will benefit from new or re-designed lighting, either within or extended to your garden.

It will usually be an enormous pleasure to discover that your new conservatory is a very light and cheerfully bright room, particularly on the all too often grey days we have in this country and, not least of all, during the evenings when the sun sets a little earlier than you would wish.

However, during the evening and certainly on dull and grey days lighting will be necessary. Each conservatory will have a different requirement and it is therefore very important to carefully consider how much lighting you will require at different times of the year and where you would ideally wish to position each unit within your sun room.

The most obvious places are wall lights, table lamps and a central light which could be beneath a ceiling fan if you have a Victorian conservatory. There are also standard lamps, many different fluorescent tubes and spotlights. Choose the position for switches carefully and always consider being able to illuminate the conservatory from inside your home so that you would not be walking out into a darkened room. Dimmer switches are extremely popular as there are many occasions when you would wish to have subdued lighting with perhaps candles on the table so that you may relax and enjoy the stars.

The most popular choice is usually two wall lights with a dimmer switch backed, up by a couple of table lamps. You may wish to add a central light either by itself or incorporated within a decorative and cooling ceiling fan.

Exterior lighting should also be considered. A spotlight onto your pond, fountain or waterfall will be particularly attractive, also a flood light onto your lawn and surrounding trees or shrubbery. Enjoying your favourite tipple in the conservatory with subdued lighting and an attractively illuminated garden needs to be experienced to fully appreciate the spectacular effect. Lighting beneath trees directed up into their foliage should not be a uniquely priveleged feature created and enjoyed only in ornamental gardens or stately homes.

Our Conclusion:

Many conservatory owners have their happiest memories of cosy evenings sat out in the garden, protected within their conservatories well after the sun has set. It is therefore important to plan your lighting extremely carefully, ensuring that appropriate wiring can be introduced later as you cannot be absolutely sure of what lighting will work best for you until you have lived with your conservatory for an extended period, enjoying the unique atmosphere created so that you may best develop and introduce the specific lighting necessary to suit the personal atmosphere you wish to create. For your special family relaxation and to create an illuminating spectacle to impress and entertain friends, all enjoyed from within the protective enviroment of your new garden room.

HOW TO PROCEED ……… forward your outline details together with a plan of your Sun Room, plus the general layout that you wish to achieve. Our electrical specialist will make an assesment of the best design and provide you with indicated costs. A visit to your home will follow to specifically guide you and fine tune the ultimate lay out. All installations are covered by the latest certification and NIC GUARANTEES.