With over 40 years in the conservatory industry, our in depth knowledge of numerous different systems makes us especially able to repair the numerous defects from which many badly designed or constructed conservatories unfortunately suffer.

Repairs involve leaking conservatories often through ‘cheap’ roof systems. This can be through poor overall design and inadequate lead flashing where the conservatory abuts a house wall, or general deterioration. Our service extends to underpinning bases which have moved due to subsidence, or inadequate foundations and re-designing the drainage system, which often may have contributed to this.

Replacement of sealed glass units, new locks for doors and windows, replacing glazing rubbers plus gaskets. Repairing or re-instating lead flashing at conservatory and extension ridges. There may have not been lead cavity trays introduced where porous stone or brickwork exists, we have a special expertise together with wide experience necessary to evaluate and carry out these remedial lead flashing works.

Some conservatory repairs and re-furbishments may qualify for claims under your home insurance. We are able to provide specific analysis of your problem and indicate whether you might have the opportunity of submitting a realistic insurance claim. It is important to be aware that these will usually only be successful if they are for issues such as subsidence, storm damage, break-ins or repairs all as a direct result of accidents. General wear and tear will NOT be covered or a brake down of sealed glass units.

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Safety is paramount when it comes to our conservatory repair services – all work undertaken by our team will be compliant with current health and safety legislation.