Conservatories Work In Progress

This is an older character property which had an existing very basic greenhouse style conservatory, typical of that which would have been constructed 30 years or more ago.  In close liaison with our customer we designed a powder coated Green Architectural Aluminium garden sun room, whilst maintaining some of the character of the original design.

An older style Sun Room had been on this property for many years and the owners saw a design whilst on holiday in France, which they rather liked.  Working with photographs they had taken, we have constructed this Green Architectural Aluminium Glazed Sun Room using the latest structural and thermally efficient glazing to re-produce the design seen in France within a Bournemouth garden.


We enjoyed this dramatic transformation from a very basic lean-to into a very attractive and substantial re-designed garden sun room now enjoying a glazed lantern.



Predominately brickwork with the introduction of a window to match those which existed at the front elevation. 
The rear facing onto a garden which we re-landscaped, after taking away some 200 tonnes of soil, has fully glazed sliding folding doors which effectively open up this family room to a very attractive garden in this country setting.  Planning Approval together with Building Regulations and Heat Loss plus Structural Calculations were required.

This Open Plan Extension with a vaulted ceiling and Velux windows has been constructed onto a modern home in rural Dorset.  A large opening prepared, so that a high specification kitchen could be introduced with the original small kitchen becoming a dining area.  Folding Sliding Doors were chosen for the rear elevation leading out to a very attractive garden, which was substantially re-landscaped after the removal of some 200 Tonnes of soil.


Working closely with the building contractor and customer, two specially designed structures have been provided.  At the left elevation a glazed Architectural Aluminium corridor has been provided. 
The rear elevation on this older property was substantially restored, existing structure removed and  a fully glazed Grey Architectural Aluminium open plan sun room installed.

Open Plan Modern Conservatory

Following removal of a small white PVCu conservatory on this Sandbanks home, a superb modern Grey Architectural Aluminium glazed sun room has been constructed.  The front elevation has sliding folding doors with a central supporting pillar to avoid the introduction of an expensive and large cross section portal frame.  Special heat reflective glass units introduced to all roof panels.

 Two generous width folding sliding door sets have been introduced in the front elevation providing the opportunity of opening up the whole front elevation to the attractive garden on warm sunny days.

Challenging Conservatory Project

This challenging project involved demolishing two garages involving removal of asbestos and detailed preparation of Planning together with Building Regulation drawings and associated calculations.  The new building included a lounge and feature chimney together with the introduction of a wood burning fire.  It included a bedroom and walk-in shower.  This new structure was linked into the existing property.  To complete major transformation, the existing kitchen’s flat ceiling was changed to a vaulted design with Velux windows, which require a complete new tiled roof.  The final element was to re-design staircases leading up to a loft conversion which also had a vaulted ceiling and Velux’s providing a study.


Open Plan Tiled Roof Extension

A Tiled Extension with Vaulted Ceiling and large Veluxes has transformed the original small kitchen, providing a superb dining area together with an elegant new modern style kitchen.  The attractive rear garden has been substantially re-designed.


Orangery Style Conservatory In Broadstone

An existing older style Lean-To structure was removed before we constructed a superb modern Orangery Design Sun Room. 


New Conservatory Glass Roof

We and our client are very pleased to have substantially transformed a basic Lean-To Conservatory with the introduction of a glazed lantern with the latest high specification glass units.  The external appearance has been completely transformed and inside can now be considered as a Full Garden Room Extension to this property.


Conversion Of Glass Roof To Tiled Roof

The whole roof was removed, before constructing a conventional timber joist structure. Insulation and plaster ceiling within a matching slate tiled to complete the project.

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