Conservatory Cleaning & Refurbishing Package


We offer a complete cleaning service for conservatory, fascias, soffits and gutters.  Whether the materials are PVCu, Architectural Aluminium or Hardwood, our background experience provides a unique and comprehensive service of restoration.

 ‘Many of our customers have said that despite the years of exposure to the elements, the result has been to bring an appearance as if the original work had just been carried out’.

 Fascias, soffits and gutters are often the most overlooked items of your home.  Usually very high and not clearly visible, we can be forgiven in thinking that they look after themselves with rainfall keeping them clean.  This is true up to a point.

Some feel that a lick of paint every 2-3 years for wooden fascia’s and soffits or a clean on PVCu every 2 years will suffice.  An internal gutter clean once a year should keep the water flowing.

On newer homes, a hand clean can work wonders, refreshing some of the cheaper plastic materials with specialist product enhancers to do wonders for the appearance of your home.
It can make an unsaleable house infinitely bright and sparkling again for a very little outlay.

More often than not fascia’s often called weatherboard is made of wood, these need constant attention as rot will unfortunately set in at some point, due to what can be a fantastic natural product if not appropriately maintained.

When rotting wood unfortunately occurs, it can create serious problems to your home.  These can be associated with moldy rooms or a sweating attic.  Once rotting begins in timber, it will rapidly spread with serious and potentially expensive structural consequences.

Expert analysis and treatment is provided by DFC to replace any rotten boards together with checking the whole roof line before further damage may occur to rafter legs or felt beneath the tiles.  The good news is that all can be fixed, replaced or remedied economically if maintained regularly and inspected by a professional company.

We provide a no nonsense advice, guidance and overall evaluation to give you appropriate options.  This allows you to make your own informed decision.

A timber roof line may be found a nuisance for which sanding and re-painting will be appropriate, if the wood is in good condition together with your roof timbers.  We can then offer a cloaking service, which has the value of low maintenance and low cost installation, as no hard structural work is needed.  This is ideal for the rental market or for short term home buyers say 1-12 years and it also protects wood under the cloaking, with the advantage of letting it breath.  Alternatively, we can offer a full replacement to include re-setting of rafter legs, cleaning out eaves, using conservatory cleaner, taking down all weather boards, soffits and gutters together with downpipes.  These to be followed by replacing any damage roof felt with up to date breathable membrane and storm guard protection.

We can also install eaves, tile bird and insect protection before re-fitting a top quality low maintenance fascia, gutter and soffit package.

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This is our Premier Package and can take up to 1 week for a small house if carried out during good weather. For larger houses 2-3 WEEKS.  All is done to the highest of standards, hence the working target times.  We offer all of the above from a full professional clean to the Premier Installation Package.  Please call for a visit, quotation or more details.


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