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Value For Money:

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An extremely  wide range of differing prices can be obtained for the same project and they will often bare little relevance to not only the quality of window and door main frame structures, hinge systems, handles or fixings but to the quality of glass sealed units. 

There are many elements within glazing systems where ‘savings’ can be introduced but it will generally mean that the overall quality suffers. It will generally be apparent that products which are produced cheaply, often in association with unbelievable discounts, are not usually manufactured to the highest of standards.  They will be accompanied by statements such as ‘offer ends in a few days time’ and you will be encouraged to make a hasty decision, without the opportunity of carrying out  thorough research about the product and its supplier’s company background.  IF EVERYTHING SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, I’M SURE YOUR NATURAL INSTINCTS WILL TELL YOU THAT IT PROBABLY IS !

Long Term Performance:

Guaranteed resistance to weather and the passage of time have been paramount with all our systems.   Architectural aluminium systems offer some 750 colours with the toughest powder coat finishes.   All have been tested to British Standards and awarded the appropriate Kite Mark.   Our PVC systems are available in white,  rose or cherry wood and numerous painted colours.  You may choose to have a dual colour option, for example, green outside and white inside.  These special paints come with a 10 year adhesion guarantee, providing a highly durable finish which will not crack, flake or peel.  They have been thoroughly tested throughout Europe for over   10 years and proved resistant to all weather conditions including salt water.

All the systems we use have been designed to provide slim and shapely profiles.  They have been designed and sculptured to generally give the same appearance as timber.  Security is of paramount importance and our  PVC systems have internal glazing beads, marine guarantee locking systems, together with SECURE BY DESIGN qualification – the Police Preferred Specification.  Architectural Aluminium designs have an OUTSTANDINGLY HIGH RESISTANCE to break-ins which is why they are usually chosen for commercial premises.  All have specific BS KITE MARKS, stainless steel locking systems, anti-drill cylinders, three hook locks and a central latch all in stainless steel.  Stringent testing has been carried out by independent bodies and awarded the BS 7950 Kite Mark for advanced security performance.

Loadings from above have been specifically taken into account, particularly with bay windows and conservatory side framing.  In PVC designs bay pole positions, structural aluminium pillars are introduced and with Architectural Aluminium systems, heavy duty profiles are individually calculated for every project.

All systems can be glazed with an extremely wide range of different glass sealed units.

Timber doors and windows are manufactured  from sustainable forests and treated with highly efficient micro porous stain which allows the wood to breath and traps natural oils inside.   Although re-decoration is often not required for a number of years, it is an extremely easy product to apply. Multi -faced tenons are used in all corner joints, rather than a simple mitre which might be considered more appropriate for a ‘basic picture frame’  and not a building structure.  Where all timber is abutted, weather check channels are introduced and our systems have proved to be immensely sustainable for the demanding British climate.


We often have ‘Secure By Design’ backing which is the UK’s National Police Initiative, aimed at achieving the highest possible security with modern materials and glazing systems.   ACCESS BY CRIMINALS CAN PROVE TO BE EXTREMELY EASY.  ANY SYSTEM IS AS STRONG AS ITS WEAKEST POINT.  THE LOCKING SYSTEMS WE USE ARE CONSIDERED THE VERY BEST WITH REGARD TO SECURITY AND PAST PERFORMANCE.

New Building Regulation Requirements:

Since April 2002 all replacement glazing has come within the scope of the Building Regulations which means that anyone who installs replacement windows or doors must comply with strict New Thermal Performance Standards.  (Just replacing glass is surprisingly exempt).  Part ‘L’ of Building Regulations has been introduced and there are two ways to proceed:

  • Submit your application to local Building Control Authority and obtain a certificate stating that the installation has approval under the Building Regulations, following a site visit by a Building Control officer.
  • A certificate showing that the work has been undertaken by a double glazing installer or company who is registered under the FENSA scheme.

Even when a registered FENSA installer is used to carry out the building work, installations that involve any enlargement of the structural opening (in whichever direction) or the removal of existing structural supports,  (as occurs with some bay windows), require Building Regulation consent.   It should be noted that Conservatories and Sun Rooms are NOT covered by FENSA.

Independent Insurance Backed Guarantees:

These are certainly available from numerous organisations but we would strongly suggest that their true value is closely examined by an independent insurance specialist.  Fees for these are very low indeed and when you considers usual insurance premiums, you would expect to pay many hundreds of pounds at least to cover  thousands of pounds of building works on your home, to cover a ten year period.  These 10 year guarantees can usually be obtained for a fee of only £50!!  (that’s only £ 5.00 each year !!!!!!

Bi-folding doors (bi-fold doors) are becoming very popular indeed and you will see them in most glossy magazines.   There is however a word of caution.  Bi Fold doors are somewhat complex structures to design and manufacture to ensure that they operate efficiently, and there are a great deal of inferior products on offer.  You also need to consider how often the large opening provided by these doors will be effectively used in the UK climate.   A standard pair of French doors can provide a 6ft opening and it is only for a short period of the year that balmy weather will enable you to throw these wide open.  If you are to fully enjoy the large openings created by bi-folding doors, then I would suggest at least a minimum width of 3 metres – 10ft 0ins.

There is also the important consideration that any large opening needs to have the property wall or conservatory roof above structurally supported, and  this will generally involve appropriately designed structural portal frames or lintels.  These can be an expensive item over and above the cost of the doors themselves. Many people who  have bi-folding doors installed  make the comment that ‘in the open position, all of the leaves do not magically disappear’ and whether opening into your home or outwards, they collapse into a somewhat bulky stack, which is often not appreciated until the doors are fitted and in operation.

1.Our preference is for Hardwood or Architectural Aluminium. PVC is not generally recommended for Bi-Folding Doors.

2.We are pleased to offer a full design and recommendation package, should you be contemplating one of these systems, thereby ensuring that you proceed correctly and ultimately receive that which you desire.