Multi Folding Doors (Bi-Folding Doors)
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Multi Folding Doors (Bi-Folding Doors):

Bi fold Doors

Multi-folding (Bi-folding doors) are becoming very popular indeed and you will see them in most glossy magazines:-

  • Folding doors are somewhat complex structures to design, manufacture and ensure that they operate efficiently for the foreseeable future. There are a great deal of inferior products on offer.  You also need to consider how often the large opening provided by these doors will be effectively used in the U.K. climate.  A standard pair of French doors can provide a 1800 – 6ft opening at often half the price of folding door combinations and it is only for a short period of the year.  Balmy weather will enable you to throw these wide open.  If you are to fully enjoy the large openings created by folding doors, then I would suggest an ideal opening width of 3 metres – 10ft 0ins for a good balance of door frames in relation to the opening this will achieve.


  • There is also the important consideration that any large opening needs to have the property wall or conservatory roof above structurally supported and this will generally involve appropriately designed structural portal frames or lintols. These can be an expensive item over and above the cost of the doors themselves.  Many people who have bi-folding doors installed make the comment that ‘in the open position all of the leaves do not magically disappear’ and whether opening into your home or outwards, they collapse into what some may consider a bulky stack, which is often not appreciated until the doors are fitted and in operation.


  • An odd number of doors are preferable. This provides a single door opening or two doors to fold back as with French doors opportunity plus the large opening when all the doors are folded back.  When an even number is chosen, the panels will open into these  – ‘V’ and this creates difficulties with operating the system and for locking arrangements.


  • We offer high specification Hardwood, Architectural Aluminium or PVCu designs.
  • We are pleased to offer a full design and advisory package for all sliding, folding and hinged doors. Thereby, ensuring you ultimately choose the very best system for your home.