Clearly an important feature on your home

Many manufacturers will make outrageous claims with regards to security – in reality a would be intruder will be attempting to gain entry from a small side window or door!

A basic PVCu conservatory door with a letter box and fully glazed can be purchased at a very low price – at the other end of the scale, a solid hardwood oak door will cost thousands rather than hundreds of pounds.

The materials you have chosen for your new conservatory door need not necessarily be the same materials used for your windows.

The other glazing may be PVCu or Architectural Aluminium and visually these will not be out of character with a Hardwood, Composite or Architectural Aluminium Front Door.

As it will form a principal feature on the main elevation of your home, careful consideration needs to be made with regards to style, colour and the material chosen. Some will say it should not be dissimilar to neighbouring properties, whilst others may wish to opt for an individually bold statement.

A front door will usually lead into an area somewhat darker than the rest of the property, therefore a good degree of glazed panels may be desired, to allow natural light penetration.

Whilst a darker colour may be chosen externally, white is often preferred inside to assist in lightening the hallway. Some may choose dark panels for the door but with a white outer frame to be in harmony with existing windows.

From a practical and visual consideration, style and colour of handles, letter box, knocker and spy hole together with your house name or number will be very important and these of course to be in harmony with the principal material used in the door and its colour.

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