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Salesmen are a nomadic breed and sadly their expertise in winning orders is not always matched by the
company behind them. They may well be the shiny outer skin to a rotten apple, without even being fully
aware of it themselves.
I once was told by what appeared to be a bright young man (probably with no common sense) that he was
going to place an order with a well-publicised local company, whose advertisements claimed over 25 years
Even though he worked for a very large international bank and had access at his fingertips to check out his
company’s true background, he failed to do so! Some six months later our local newspaper ran an article
after the company went into liquidation (and started up again the next day with a slight change of name)
outlining how the owner had done this on several occasions in the past. On one of these he had been able
to walk away from debts to a large clearing bank of many hundreds of thousands of pounds, a consequence
of an unsecured loan! ! ! !
The profession of salesmanship itself should not carry such a stigma. This has been created over the years
by the unethical salesperson persuading people to part with more than they can afford for goods which
either they do not need, or are inappropriate to their requirements or by representing unethical companies .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Often in their complete ignorance.
Fundamentally, we are all sales people whether it is trying to persuade our family to go on a particular
holiday, encouraging children to work harder at school, or putting across a proposition to our work
colleagues. Most people are often trying to sell something to someone, although it may not be an
encyclopedia or double glazed windows.
The secret of those who successfully deal with sales people, is to meticulously write down exactly what you
require and then sticking to your guns whilst you set out to discover a company who can actually provide
this product at a price you wish to pay.
During your search, you should be using sales personnel as a tool to guide you towards your goal and not
allowing them to use you s a tool to enhance their commission pay cheque at the end of the month.
Somebody once said....... “Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see!” Perhaps a little extreme
but the principle is very sound. As when you listen to a politically flavoured speech on the television or
radio, you may well be swayed to think that man has a valid point. When you then hear the case put
differently by his opponents, you often pinch yourself and realise how easily you could have been swayed,
had you not opened your mind to other opinions.........
.................always remember it is YOUR sale, YOUR money!! ! ! !
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