The good news is that you are able to make all of the choices with regards to overall design, dimensions and other materials for its construction.

There are of course are very economical ways to proceed and these are generally based on shed or timber Summer House designs.   With various adaptions, additions to generally make them more habitable.  You may wish to choose a conventional build with full cavity walls and a tiled roof or a similarly substantial building more along the lines of a ski chalet.  Many of our customers have chosen a conventional Conservatory Sun Room design or Orangery and as there is no ideal elevation on their home, to construct a protected area from which to enjoy the garden.

Over 4 million people now work at home and many run a very busy office which would be  inappropriate for adaption from a study in their home.  A garden office can in some respect a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of your family home.

The first step would be to carefully consider how much you wish to spend, whilst being realistic in relation to floor area, design and general appearance.  This must be hand in glove with what furniture and equipment you would put inside the new office, how much glass within the side elevations and your preferred door opening.  Do keep uppermost in your thoughts, plenty of natural light to create a very agreeable working area; appropriate blinds can always be introduced.  It is best to ensure that the only bright area within your new office does not come from a computer screen or artificial lighting.  It is essential to construct a secure base.  Its design and materials used will very much depend on how stable the sub structure is within your garden, rather than the building on which it will be constructed.  This may mean much more than a simple concrete slab.

Planning Approval & Building Regulations may not be required but their dimensional and position considerations together with the overall floor area, which must be carefully considered depending on the furniture you intend to introduce.  We have a special drawing programme which would demonstrate not only the general configuration but the layout for furniture, desks and any other considerations within.

We provide a complete package including electrics and lighting.