Usually added to an existing system.  How many you add and the opportunities will depend on their size and the existing boiler’s capacity plus the clear wall area available for fitting.  It may involve internally disruptive work to the floor and walls, depending on the existing pipework this needs to be fully evaluated before you make any final decisions.  For a conservatory to be exempt from Building Regulations, one of the criteria is that heating within should be independent of the main house system and generally this would not be the case if one or more radiators were chosen for the new sun room.

conservatory radiator


These are extremely popular and relatively economical to fit.  A 3kw unit will generally be sufficient for a small Garden Sun Room.  They have the user friendly advantage of a time switch thermostat control.  The labour works involved in fitting are generally very much less than that which is involved with radiators.  Probably the most popular choice for our customers who carry out careful research and we highly recommend models from the Dimplex range and can provide these models at the very best prices.


A popular choice and whilst considered by some to be a luxury item, as the overall cost would be very much more than with a convector heater.  However, those who have chosen this option, speak favourably of its overall performance and the special comfort provided.  It also means that there is no wall area taken up by other units and that heat is produced throughout the floor, rather than from one position.  Modern systems have a very special digital control facility, which provide independent settings for each day of the week.  It is very important indeed that a very dense and efficient Celotex insulation is laid provided beneath the floor, to ensure the maximum efficiency.

The system we provide comes with a comprehensive guarantee and we take responsibility for full installation and appropriate continuity checks after the final floor covering has been laid. Whist not wishing to speak unfairly of some systems available, electrical matting for underfloor heating can be purchased ‘cheaply’ from many outlets and DIY suppliers. It would be suggested that these can be laid by any competent DIY or electrician. 

My experience is that historically serious problems can result – should this unfortunately happen, who do you go back to, the system supplier, your chosen electrician, the tiler or those responsible for the overall project ??? The system we offer can be installed into a new floor, beneath tiles, wooden or Karndean flooring and indeed carpet.  It can even be introduced onto an existing floor with carpet or similar laid above.



Is also very popular and the choice between this and electrics beneath the floor is not easy and as you will imagine, the providers of each system to make an attempt to make a strong case for their design and its efficiencies.  It will of course be important to ensure that the existing boiler has sufficient capacity and a full appraisal made of how the new pipe work is to be connected into existing, so that you will receive a full and detailed quotation for the complete job.  Most systems can be purchased from general building outlets and it will be suggested that they can be fitted by a competent electrician or plumber.  My experience is that this is not the best way to proceed and that one company should be nominated to not only provide all the necessary parts and equipment but also to fit these and most importantly of all, to provide a substantial overall guarantee.


There is an enormous range available and a reputable supplier will advise the appropriate Kwh. heating capacity for your new Sun Room. They will also provide specific details with regard to the best chimney and its overall height in relation to the existing property and apropriate heat resistant panelling within the vicinity of your new fire.  If they do not offer an installation service, make absolutely sure who they recommend is fully qualified and experienced.  It is most important that you ask them for substantial references.  A wood burning fire would prove to be an exceedingly attractive and efficient way in all respects to heat your Sun Room but the wrong model incorrectly installed will prove to be an expensive and disappointing exercise.



There are some exceedingly attractive and efficient models available to produce very much more heat than with many of the earlier models.  These of course must be fitted by a competent engineer, who will ensure appropriate ventilation, together with free air flow to assist combustion and exhaust any fumes.

Gas fire


For homes which are all electric, this may well be a good choice. As with gas fires, technology has moved forward a pace.  Whilst these models may have some advantage over gas and not necessarily require the same ventilation considerations, they are now extremely attractive and produce efficient heating.  If you desire instant and easy fingertip control, the many models available from Dimplex’s range are recommended.



This can be gained by setting appropriate pipework filled containing fluid beneath the ground.  There are systems where this is installed around the foot print of a property or new extension at a chosen depth, running parallel with the surface or two large bore holes going substantially below ground.  Whilst the installation of such systems may not be inexpensive, longer term prospects of relatively low running costs can be attractive and in the fullness of time, extremely so.  It may also be considered as very environmentally friendly, which may well incorporate financial concessions, albeit dependent upon realistic political legislation.