Tongue and Grooved Flooring which can be stained or varnished to provide an attractive finish or traditional woodblock flooring. These floors must be laid by a professional trade’s person, so that full allowance for any movement is fully taken into consideration.

Some 3 out of 10 customers lay a carpet, generally for very specific reasons.  A high quality will be essential to withstand far more wear and tear than the average room and will consequently not be cheap.

By far the majority choose from an extremely wide range of attractive and durable hard wearing tiles.  * The principle reasons given are that they will generally never fade, warp or deteriorate.

Muddy feet either when you have a barbecue or whilst gardening and from animals can very easily be cleaned from a tiled surface.

With substantial underfloor thermal insulation solid floors are exceedingly warmer than many would imagine.  Your floor will perform similarly to a giant night storage heater, such that the warmth generated within your conservatory will be retained in the solid floor.

Many owners enjoy the opportunity to introduce a cosy rug when appropriate and thereby change the character of their conservatories at will.  This can obviously be taken up and thereby protected whenever appropriate.

As conservatories often become the most popular room in your home they may well be used for children painting, parties, a sheltered area during barbecues and generally a room where most of the family will enjoy congregating a great deal, together with your pets . .  . .  . . . THIS ALL MEANS A DURABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN SURFACE IS PRACTICAL AND HIGHLY DESIRABLE.