Open Plan Extensions
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Open Plan Kitchen Extensions

Open plan kitchens are re-becoming the most popular family room in our homes, as indeed they would have been in the good old days at country homes and farmhouses, where there would often be a huge Aga, oak table and a wonderful place for families to congregate.

Modern designs with open plan and a central island within the kitchen are very much in vogue, where the same special communal family atmosphere is being re-created.

Turn your home into a showpiece for all the neighbors to envy

It may well be the ever increasing television programmes with every man and his chef telling us how to prepare meals, however the situation with kitchens separated from our home is substantially changing.  There are some exceedingly clever designs for those who wish to combine food preparation areas with a family dining room, providing a special area for the whole family and their guests to relax and dine together.

Just imagine how the poor lady of the house, sweating away in a separate room and passing meals through a serving hatch would have felt.

Your new kitchen is a place where you can create memories with your loved ones

It is uncomfortably amusing how many men suddenly take charge when a barbecue is fired up in the garden but are equally happy to watch their favourite football team on television whilst meals are produced in the kitchen, almost by magic  . . .  a league of their own!

Many of the revolutionary designs created in modern homes embrace all the opportunities to bring families together.  Imagine a Tapas evening with everyone involved, contributing special foods with creative ideas by taking part in their preparation by offering unique dishes.

Most significantly, by designing an open plan kitchen and family dining area extending into the garden, you will provide a wonderful room where your family and friends can fully enjoy each other’s company and later recall special memories of times together.


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