We have 40 years exerience in Orangeries

Orangeries :

The original definition of an orangery was a warm and protected place where orange trees could be cultivated  and protected.  Orangeries have a fascinating history dating back some 2,000 years.

David Fennings Conservatories are pleased to offer an exceedingly wide range of orangery designs.  With careful thought and experienced guidance we are able to design and build for you a truly magnificent orangery which will be a uniquely created feature on your home for you to enjoy with  your family or entertain friends.

A beautiful addition to your home:

Orangeries will generally have a glazed lantern feature, set into a flat roof which can be constructed of either a durable modern felt or code 4 lead.  Although lead is very durable, modern felts offer a long term substantial guarantee.  Lead is now very expensive indeed and the work involved to allow for expansion, plus other specialised skills necessary, further raise it’s costs.

The central feature is usually supported by laminated beams, which produce the uniquely attractive internal feature when you look up into the orangery ceiling.

Side elevations offer the opportunity of more substantial corner posts than in conservatories. They can be timber with a fluted pattern, brick or possibly stone.  Whilst some would consider they are an important additional feature for orangery designs, it must also be considered that large pillars can provide some obstruction of the view into your garden.

Built to last and constructed with high quality materials:

You may wish to choose a window and door design matching that of the existing property for your orangery side elevations.  However, you may consider large glazed picture windows, producing the very best clear and uninterrupted view into your garden and the surrounding countryside.

Adjoining rooms are often opened up into the new orangery.  There may well be an existing window or door which needs to be removed and a new lintel introduced, all of which would fall within our planning and building regulations service, together with structural calculations and SAP’s insulation ratings.

There are a number of ways in which the eaves position can be designed.  Some may wish to choose an integral guttering system set within the orangery or external guttering onto a decorative dentil moulding.

Whilst most orangeries are usually constructed in hardwood, we also offer architectural aluminium and a selected quality PVC system, all of which are avialable in over 1000 different colours, with PVC offering oak, cherry or rosewood plus dual colour opportunities.

Traditional Orangery

The traditional orangery is a beautiful, historic design that has been used in many homes. Combining solid brick pillars with a performance glass roof will allow you to bring this charming look into any home!

Modern Orangery

The contemporary orangery is a stylish and warm addition to any home. The modern design offers maximum light and warmth.

Traditional Hardwood Orangery

With our range of Hardwood’s products, you can create an orangery that is both luxurious and stylish. From feature windows to stunning timber lanterns as well as sleek bifolding doors; we have the perfect solution for any design style!

Orangery Extensions

Would you like to expand your kitchen or living room? An Orangery is a great way of extending the space and functionality in any home.

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Orangery specialists:

Transform your home with a beautiful orangery

A diverse range of design choices to perfectly match your home

Traditional building methods for a quality finish

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Get a complete orangery package, including design and planning

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There is no limit to your imagination!:

Your ultimate design choice can be extremely diverse. We offer choices from combinations of Hardwood, Architectural Aluminium and featured brick or stone pillars. All of which enables you to achieve your specific desires thus creating an Orangery which will be in harmony with your home. All works are constructed using traditional building methods. Our Orangery package includes a complete design and planning service including the provision of structural and thermal calculations for Building Control. We are happy to work with your chosen architect or offer this service ourselves.

Types Of Orangeries:

These buildings are never easy to ultimately design, as there are numerous opportunities with regards to the feature, lantern, materials to be used and as they are not the most economical of structures to build, how to get the very best value for money.

My website goes some way towards putting forward all the principal questions but ultimately it results in my sitting down with the customer to produce an overall package which fully pleases them and not least of all to do so at the best possible price.

As with all building projects, there are ways in which savings can be made but also corners cut and I like to feel that my business has been established on the former.

PVCu will always be the most economical option but generally not chosen for an Orangery, although we do offer a very good system which is lead free and a full Marine Guarantee.

TIMBER is the preferred option for Orangeries but necessarily has to be at a relatively higher price but if quality timber and joinery is used, then there is no reason why this material will not substantially withstand the passage of time.  All our timbers are factory treated before leaving the workshop.

ARCHITECTURAL ALUMINIUM  is generally rated far superior to even the more substantial PVCu’s but as the cost is often close to the Hardwood, timber usually wins.

Professional Advice:

My concluding professional advice would be to ensure that any company you may approach for an orangery quotation, can off you just not a portfolio of many different design but that these should very much include an extremely high percentage of projects actually completed by them.  NOT JUST OVER THE LAST THREE OR FOUR YEARS.  My company is often employed to carry out detailed technical reports for orangery projects and sun rooms when they have failed to live up to the customer’s expectations.  This may involve numerous sealed units breaking down, foundations which have moved, inadequate lead flashing and for older projects, timber framework which has rotted.  We have numerous photographs showing these failings.

The good news is that you do not have to ‘pay through the nose for quality’, if you carry out your research thoroughly and choose a company with, 40 years continuous and proven trading, you can obtain the very best value for money and not least of all within your desired budget.



What We can Do
Is there realistic financial outlay that I should be considering?

Most certainly not.  If you have deep pockets and a country mansion, then most certainly your ultimate project may cost many thousands of pounds.  There are however opportunities to purchase a superb Orangery design which fulfils all your needs at prices which many people are able to purchase when a high budget is not desired.

Will we be limited to preparatory foundations and construction requirements?

There will be no greater needs other than an appropriate foundation, depending on supporting soil stability and the percentage of solid walling within the side elevations.  Generally speaking, there should be absolutely no further requirements if you were adding a standard extension to your home.

What materials can we consider for the side elevations?

Whilst any traditional thinkers would wish to have a low dwarf wall and small glass panels, there is a big move towards glass to ground and very large glazed panels even up to 2 metres in width.  You may however wish to have brick or stone columns but do fully consider not just outward appearance but looking from within and if these might interrupt your view of the garden and surrounding countryside.

There is obviously a wide opportunity with different windows and doors, how can we best choose?

Whilst Bi-folding doors often are initially considered, in the British climate you need to carefully consider whether the full advantage of these more expensive systems can be fully taken advantage of – ideal when they can but most certainly not for the majority of each year.  Outward opening hinged French Doors will provide you with a  2 metre opening and you may even wish to have two of these within your side elevations.  Windows need to be carefully considered and whatever you wish, is easily factored into your ultimate choice of design.

How is an Orangery best described?

The concept of an Orangery has changed over the years and in the beginning gained its name as a protecting glass structure where citrus fruits could be grown.  There is a very special light, bright and warm area within a glass building was appreciated and many became lavish glazed palaces on country estates, where sumptuous dining and balls could be held.  In modern times, the general perception of an Orangery is structured with a fair amount of glass in the side elevations onto which is constructed a flat roof, albeit with one or more glazed lanterns.

Will Planning Permission and Building Regulations be required?

Planning Permission may not be required if you are constructing on the rear elevation and no deeper than 4 metres for a detached property and 3 metres if semi-detached.  The height should not exceed 4 metres above ground level.