Planning Approval & Building Regulations Are Often Confused


Is all about the general design, size and area you live in together with materials to be used, colour and acceptable within the local Planning policy.  It takes into account the general impact on your home, neighbouring properties and local amenities.

Many modest extensions and conservatories come under P.D.  This means Permitted Development and you are able to proceed without submitting a Planning Application.

interactive house front   interactive house rear

Appropriate forms should be completed and accompanied by 1:50 drawings together with Ordnance Survey Plans to clearly identify your property.  Council’s generally take some 8 weeks to process and the usual fee is £172.00 plus of course any architect’s fees.

When the construction work commences, irrespective of Permitted Development or Planning Approval, some constructions will need to comply with Building Regulations. Many small extensions and conservatories will be exempt if separated from the main building by doors of external quality, below 30 metres of floor area and have at least 75% of glass in the roof.  They will wish to be advised of foundation depth, proposed drainage, lead flashing details and all materials to be used.  You may well also be asked to submit appropriate Structural & Heat Loss Calculations.

These can be submitted and work commenced without delay.  If the works are relatively straightforward, a Building Notice may be used and appropriate considerations agreed with the Building Inspector as work progresses.

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