Architectural Aluminium Framework


Architectural Aluminium Framework

Our customers had moved from an older character property on the New Forest borders to a very attractive modern bungalow beside a delightful river.  Their desire was to construct a conservatory as they would very much miss that which was on their previous home. 

However, the challenge for all concerned was to construct and design the appropriate materials, features and colours to offer some of the character of their previous older property.

By bringing a tiled roof forward in harmony with the existing roof, a full height wall with recessed features internally but most significantly using old reclaimed bricks extending into the internal dwarf walls. 

Two special colours were chosen for the high specification Thermally Separated Architectural Aluminium framework.  This was another feature which moved away from a more modern design. 

All concerned worked closely together and whilst there may have been some apprehensions that towards the desired effect being achieved but the good news is everyone agreed this had been done.

Aluminium Framework


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