Conservatory and Brick Extension


Conservatory and Brick Extension

The conservatory element of this adventurous building project was very much of an individual design and specifically chosen to compliment the host property. This splendid home, has a very individual characteristic interior, which substantially is in harmony with the original barn that has been converted over a number of years.

Our customer’s research and attention to detail resulted in their property which enjoys immense character throughout.
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Although the property is not Listed, it stands in a Conservation Area, where many surrounding buildings have their individual characteristics. It was therefore very important that the rear conservatory and garden sun room were designed with much thought and choice of materials.

As is generally our policy, dimensions and ultimate design were enormously contributed to by our customer, a policy we have always found to achieve the best results for all concerned. Whilst Listed Building, Planning Requirements did not apply to this brick extension project, nonetheless many policies which would otherwise have influenced the project were taken into consideration.

The original digital images we created, show a fully glazed structure but when working closely with our customer, we made various changes and eventually this evolved into a large glazed entrance porch leading onto the patio and a separate brick extension with a complicated roof structure. So that the ultimate new building works provided two areas with their own characteristics.


Before and Work in Progress

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Planning Permission and Building Regulations were most certainly required and understandably the appointed Conservation Officer was keen to ensure that every element of this project did not detract in any way from the character of this superb original property. Often not the easiest of liaisons but all concerned were very pleased that their wishes and ultimate requirements were fully achieved.

The highest quality selected Hardwood was used for all framing and treated with a highly protective micro porous dark stain to be in harmony with the existing property’s windows and doors.

Full length glazing was chosen for the conservatory, albeit brick columns in the corner positions, bringing forward the barn conversion’s character. The main structure was a combination of matching brickwork with large windows, so that it became more of an extension to the superb existing conservatory and dining area.

The roof was tiled as in the main building and two Velux windows were introduced into the roof. As two existing upper windows restricted the rear height, a flat area was provided beneath these, which gained the additional advantage of more character within this new structure.

The interesting fact being that it excels over the original smaller farmhouse very much due to the creative and design choices of our customer. The very latest High Specification White PVCu was chosen and full length glazing to best show the very attractive original features of the barn’s external wall.

As generally is the case, dimensions and design were enormously contributed to by our customers, a policy we have always found to achieve .
For this project our first obstacle was to work in close harmony with the Conservation Officer, as this property not only had very special characteristics, was originally a barn conversion and within a local Conservation Area.

Not an overall easy challenge but nonetheless one which we had undergone on many occasions and with appropriate consultation, frustration and our ultimate agreement, the results of the pictures can clearly be seen. This building had many distinctive features, all of which had to be agreed with the local Planning Authorities and the end of the other tug of war, our customers.

So very importantly, the property is one which offers holiday retreats in a very upmarket Dorset country village, very close to the legendary Botany Bay restaurant and public house. You will have to do your own research regarding this historical significance.

All of the glazing framework was provided with a very high specification dark stain Hardwood, so it would be in harmony with the existing property, as indeed was the glazed and tiled roof area.

The project from initial conception to completion was over a much longer period than for a smaller simple brick extension structure and during this time, all working on site enjoyed the friendly hospitality of our customers and we were delighted to be invited a garden party celebrating the completion of the works.

Ultimately all concerned together with our customer’s friends, enjoyed a superb barbecue in the garden.


Brick Extension and Glazed Entrance Porch when Finished


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This was a particularly challenging part of the project, as can be seen from the before picture, there was basic wooden panelling with simple glass panels above.

Whilst from externally, this area of the property didn’t look very interesting. Immediately within, there was a superb stairway leading up from a particularly attractive entrance hall. For this reason, it was very important that when panelling was removed, the way in which it linked into the new conservatory should be designed with much thought and to carry this area of the property’s special character, out into the lovely rear garden with splendid views across the countryside.

Re-structuring the position where both met, was carried out after much deliberation and we believe the photographs very much show that the best overall design, proportions and materials are ultimately chosen.

Without hesitation, I would say that anyone wishing to enjoy a holiday in a country area, would find it very hard to discover a more attractive place to stay. This property with a wonderful rustic theme throughout, superb food and lovely hosts.

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