Tiled extension with glazed conservatory


extension with glazed conservatory

The decision between a Tiled Extension and Glazed Conservatory Sun Room often presents a challenge to householders.

Depending on how the room is going to be used by the occupier and their family will be paramount in deciding the overall design.

The choice was for an existing small dining room to be extended with a tiled warm roof construction to create a much larger family area.

As our customers are extremely keen gardeners and have a superbly designed garden, the glazed sunroom provided a structure of very different character, albeit they complimented one another and were linked together with generous width French Doors.

When constructed, both projects required Planning Approval but only the tiled roof had to go through a Building Regulations Procedure.  To achieve the best solution at that time, the sunroom was constructed later, so that it did not fall under what would have required  Building Regulation Specifications and associated fees.  

tiled sunroom extension

There are many different combinations of sunroom extensions in relation to glazed and tiled roofs.  However, the latest and very effective Heat Reflective Glass and High Thermal Efficiency can allow a large area of glazing within the roof and to be still in compliance with Building Regulations.

A great space to relax and look at the fantastic view

The object of this would be to create a very light bright family room which would be particularly attractive during the many darker months we enjoy in this country.  This means that families can feel in a much lighter brighter atmosphere, rather than being confined indoors, particularly in the winter months.

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