Garage Conversion


garage conversion

This was another property where we had previously constructed a glazed Sun Room and our further involvement and expertise was desired.  This project required many considerations and challenges. 

Not least of all, diplomatic involvement with the neighbour was essential.  There were two adjoining garages and desired by our customers for theirs to be turned into a full extension for their home. 

The easy part was demolishing both and removing all materials from site but not before full consultation with the neighbours and local Planning Authorities had been carried.

Works were extensive and involved numerous and various building expertise.  Whilst the neighbour’s garage was fully restored, albeit upgraded with a tiled vaulted ceiling, our customer’s requirements were substantially more. 

The previous garage footprint was re-constructed to provide an attractive lounge with a wood burning fire and stone chimney, bedroom together with en-suite wet room. 

 In addition, an upstairs small bedroom was turned into an office with a special Velux Window and the access stairway re-created for best access. 

All of my team thoroughly enjoyed working with the customer in addition we created a special free standing technical workshop for specialist golfing equipment and not forgetting the original Conservatory Sun Room for this property.

Always open to a challenge, as the above will show and very importantly, the absolute clarity for projects such as these in very close liaison with our customers is not only essential but that which we thoroughly enjoy embarking on.  Not simply to win another order but the ultimate satisfaction we enjoy when creating all that our new customer desires.


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