An elevated new home


An elevated new home

A new property constructed in an attractive South Coast seaside town.  
As this new home was close to the sea, the principal elevation facing south, a choice of High Specification substantial Architectural Aluminium with its protective Powder Coat Paint. The finish chosen provided substantial protection against the elements to which it will be exposed.

Very much of a modern design but features and materials in harmony with a South Coast seaside town.

Our customers had travelled widely and the knowledge gained lead to their choice of Powder Coated Architectural Aluminium for all of the glazings.

This was reinforced by guidance from a family member who was an architect and responsible for that element of the project.

The very popular Matt Anthracite Grey was selected to soften the overall appearance as the property was constructed in a very bright sunny position.

To fully enjoy splendid views looking out to sea, a specially designed Architectural Aluminium Glazed Conservatory was chosen to enclose the balcony.  This meant that whatever the time of year, weather conditions or indeed at night time, a superb viewing area could be fully enjoyed.

Much thought, planning and considerations were shared with our customer in the early stages and we believe that ultimately all that was desired had been achieved.

Views of the development

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