Rebuilding a Timber Conservatory


Rebuilding a Timber Conservatory

Rebuilding a Timber Conservatory | We were presented with the challenge of changing a conventional Edwardian Hardwood Conservatory into an Orangery design. The substantial timber side frames were sufficiently strong to withstand the additional weight and re-designed upper structure.
The new design also provided an opportunity to introduce for the introduction of the latest Heat Reflective Low E & Argon Glass Panels, incorporating Easi-Clean.

he glazed lantern 12 sq metres was chosen, albeit this could have been varied to suit our customer’s ultimate wishes.
The lantern roof rafters were capped with Powder Coated Patent Architectural Aluminium, so that there would be no ongoing maintenance. A dam proof membrane using the very high specification Alwitra covered the remainder of the roof. This has a substantial guarantee and long term performance as well as providing a very tough surface which can be walked on for any access that may be required to the roof.

During Construction

Planning Permission was not required, as this project fell under Permitted Development..  However, Building Regulations were provided by ourselves to satisfy the local Building Authority.

For all the obvious reasons, many existing timber conservatories lend themselves towards such a conversion.  By doing so, there is a major design transformation without the costs of a complete new structure.

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