Stained Glass Window


Stained Glass Window

This stained glass window is in a Victorian Bournemouth property substantially over a hundred years old.

The extremely attractive and delicate single glass units were carefully removed and restored by a long established traditional company who have specialised skills with stained glass.

The next step was for the stained glass panes to be professionally put inside new Toughened Low ‘E’ Sealed Units.  A new high specification Hardwood window was constructed and fitted, followed by re-glazing with the new Toughened Sealed Units, thereby encapsulating, protecting and preserving the historic stained glass. 

The overall objective was of course to remove an old rotting window and replace with new Micro Porous Stained Hardwood. 

The historic decorative glass was not only now significantly protected for the future but far greater thermal efficiency within the property was achieved.

All concerned were delighted to view the end result, which even viewed very closely, maintained the previous historic appearance of this special stained glass window in a Victorian property.


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