Tiled Roof in Dorset


Tiled Roof in Dorset

This property is in an extremely attractive location, high above a picturesque Dorset village.  There are splendid views over the surrounding countryside and down into the local village cricket pitch.

There were challenges including a raised floor, so that without lowering the garden hedges, good views could be maintained over the Dorset countryside. 

Originally built as a single storey property as a home for the farming family, therefore it originally was not intended for any special features to be introduced. As the property is now a family home, which is visited by family and friends, the rather plain front elevation which includes an entrance door required creative ideas. 

A tiled roof was chosen so that the structure very much became part of the overall property rather than a glazed conservatory. 

High Specification Architectural Aluminium Thermally Separated framework was used as this property is very exposed and confidence in durability was therefore essential.

Carefully designed internal steps were constructed for access to the raised floor with an appropriate balustrade.

Planning Permission was not straightforward, as although not Listed, the Planning Office and Conservation Department were involved and as our proposed design would have a significant effect on the property, ‘made several recommendations’. 

Now completed and fulfilling all  our customer’s desires.  Approaching their home there is now a very attractive entrance feature which appropriately enhances the principal elevation of this property.


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