Conservatory Roof Replacement – Warm Roof

Transform or replace your existing conservatory.

Is your conservatory too hot in the summer and cold in the winter?

Replacement tiled roof systems for conservatories and sun rooms.  Do you wish to construct an insulated tiled roof onto your existing conservatory structure?

Warm Tiled Roof

Transform your glazed conservatory by replacing old polycarbonate or tired glass sealed units with A-rated low ‘E’ glazing.   Heat reflective active easi-clean thermally insulated roof panels offer a popular alternative.  These are available with many different colours and provide complete protection from heat in the summer, whilst offering very high thermal insulation qualities.

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Insulated warm roof in compliance with current building regulations may be introduced to replace your existing conservatory roof  –  these can be with tiles, an orangery roof design, incorporating a glazed lantern or an appropriate design for your existing structure

Conservatory roof replacement onto existing base and side elevations with a choice of thermally insulated panels or A-rated low ‘E’ heat reflective active self cleaning glass

Orangery designs with a warm roof construction

There are many occasions when these can be fitted onto existing side elevations.  They will include a glazed lantern of appropriate dimensions and perimeter ceiling where led lighting can be introduced.  Many of these will enable customers to remove existing doors to create an open plan full extension to their home.

Benefits of Conservatory Roof Replacement with Warm Roof

  1. By replacing your tired old conservatory polycarbonate or glass roof, you can achieve a full warm roof with thermal insulation, in full compliance with current Building Regulations
  2. A fully insulated warm roof would not only provide you with an attractive modern extension design but ensure that you will not be too hot in the summer or cold in the winter and comfortably use your re-designed structure throughout the year
  3. A wide range of high specification Tapco Tiles with a choice of several different colours, so that they will match your property’s existing roof
  4. JHAI Current Building Regulations Certification will be provided for compliance with current legal requirements
  5. Your new conservatory roof replacement with warm roof and introduction of appropriate insulation will change your tired glass or polycarbonate roof into a full home extension
  6. The tiled roofs we offer, come with a fully re-designed rafter system incorporating Low E High Specification Celotex
  7. By replacing your existing conservatory roof onto an existing base and side elevations, may enable you to create a tiled extension, with a fully insulated warm roof at a considerably lower price than full re-construction
  8. High specification Tapco Roof Tiles are extremely durable and very strong compared with slate and they are lightweight.  Tapco Tiles are ideally suited when constructing new roofs to replace glass or polycarbonate
  9. If an Open Plan is required, the replacement of your existing roof and side elevation glazing with the latest Low E Glass, offer the opportunity of creating an Open Plan Extension.  You may then be able to remove the doors which currently close off your conservatory to the adjoining room

Conservatory Roof Replacement

Why Choose Conservatory Roof Replacement?

The good news for many people who have older conservatories which become too hot in the summer and cold in the winter are able to have High Specification Thermal Roof Panel fitted to replace existing polycarbonate or low quality glass units.

If you’re thinking about conservatory roof replacement, give us a call on 01258 459259 or email at to discuss your project.


So long as the provider has appropriate skills and knowledge for conservatory structures and a full assessment is made of the building’s stability and roof design, there may not be a requirement for replacing the whole conservatory or indeed its roof structure.

Not only are High Quality Thermal Panels or warm roof more efficient in retaining warmth during the winter months but they almost certainly reflect the sun’s rays very efficiently.

What Colour Choices are Available?

There are many choices of colours and Leather Grain or Orange Peel Patterns.

A very popular choice is to have a darker colour outside, so that it doesn’t require frequent washing and more in harmony with building’s roof tiles.

A lighter colour is usually chosen internally to maintain a lighter brighter ambience within. A substantial advantage when using panels, is that there is no fear of them breaking down, as can happen with sealed glass units or breaking if struck by a sharp object. The feedback we have received from many customers choosing this option has been outstandingly favourable. Many have recommended us to their friends and neighbours for this extremely effective and economical Conservatory Thermal Roof Panel opportunity.

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