Whilst we are pleased to supply and install any style of roofing, our professional guidance would be for you to realistically consider how many days out of 365 your glazed sunroom was uncomfortable com-pared to the many occasions when a glass roof would create a light and bright room with free solar gain… but only you can ultimately decide. We offer an outstandingly wide range of options which will be carefully reviewed for a customer’s specific requirements and their conservatory design.

Replacing polycarbonate or standard glass with the latest double-glazed sealed units which have an extremely high heat reflective component.

These come in many tinted specifications, green, blue, bronze, grey, neutral or clear but all with a substantial heat reflective component.

Thermal panels with either PVCu or Aluminium outer skins and a very efficient thermal inner core. These come in a wide variety of colours and can be fitted to most existing conservatories to simply replace existing polycarbonate or glass panels.

You will be able to choose a lightweight fibre tile to lay into either existing or new roof panels. The new inner roof ceiling can be battened, plaster boarded and decorated. You will also be able to introduce a perimeter orangery style design into which down lighters can be fitted.

Removing the entire existing roof and replacing it with a kit tiled design or a full-blown tiled roof using conventional building practices. It would be very important however to ensure that the existing side elevations are sufficiently strong to withstand the extra, or supporting portal posts together with a ring beam must be added. Some customers have purchased roof blinds which have no shiny heat reflective surface and therefore simply do not work. You could replace those with good quality blinds or if none fitted, then there are high specification heat reflective quality blinds that would certainly keep your glazed conservatory very comfortable, even on the hottest of days, allowing you to open those up when the sun has set or on grey dark days and still enjoy a light bright interior with a then comfortable solar gain. Do bear in mind before making any ultimate decisions that from the year 2000 we have experienced some of the wettest summers on record over the past hundred years. With many people saying they have seldom visited the seaside, fired up their barbecue, sunbathed in the garden or been able to have a meal outside and extending into the evening. Unless of course if they live in Florida or the South of France, it is also interesting that people who do live in those countries, also have conservatories constructed, as they too have wintery weather. If however, if your ultimate choice is to be a solid roof, then you may rest assured we will provide the very best materials, advise and installation expertise. David R. Fennings