Traditional character property extension

This traditional character property offered many challenges.

It was necessary to satisfy the local Planning Authorities and Conservation Officer in relation to Conservation Area Requirements and not least of all, our customer’s ultimate wishes.

As often happens with older properties, individual wishes for all concerned may vary and therefore it be-falls ourselves, as the construction company, to liaise with all concerned to achieve the very best overall agreement.

Building Regulations not only embraces Health & Safety but all structural considerations, materials and their specifications, appropriate lead flashing and weather proofed roof pitches together with drainage and plus not least of all, thermal efficiency.

The extension complete

The ultimate achievement of Planning Approval is never straight forward in Conservation Areas. Whilst this is understandable, as other properties in the village may vary enormously in design and materials from which they are constructed, there are no specific guidelines which can be referred to and consequently ideas together with proposals may result in extended discussions with local Planning Authorities.

On this occasion, reclaimed stone was agreed together with one elevation being rendered. Roof tiles, whilst not reclaimed, needed to be in harmony with the original property.


There was an initial conflict with our customer’s architect, Planning Department and Building Control with regards to the existing end elevation window and roof pitches to be compatible. There was also the consideration of fire escape plus Building Regulations Requirements for the roof to be fully weatherproofed. We pride ourselves on producing the design seen in these pictures, which ultimately pleased all concerned and very importantly our customer’s wishes.



This resulting design meant that the window was not constructed over. The new roof line was in harmony with this property’s existing roof and pitch achieved so that a vaulted ceiling could be introduced with appropriate Conservation Velux Windows.

This property has a very attractive garden and good views were maintained by introducing a sliding patio door with large glass panels.

So far so good but it was also necessary to show the Conservation Officer technical details of Conservation Veluxes and not least of all, cross sections together with specification for the double sliding Architectural Aluminium Patio Doors.

Some may consider that Aluminium is a modern material inappropriate for older character properties but it has been used for over a hundred years and we have certainly gained approval for its construction into new structures on Listed Properties.

The Patio Door design was very important indeed to provide good views in a splendid country garden, as can very much be seen in the photographs, this was achieved. Either when closed or if both sliding panels are opened and also provides good ventilation plus fresh air on a warm summer’s day. If we had been coerced by the Planning Officer to have French Doors or similar, probably constructed with timber, then there would have been a predominance of framework and much less glass. This would have obscured views into the garden whether open or closed.

Beams within the internal vaulted ceiling were not only part of the supporting structure but enhanced the desire to maintain character within the new structure, in harmony with an originally built attractive rural cottage.

The pictures showing animal horns and attractive decoration within were very creatively introduced by our customers and we were reassured when ultimately all concerned expressed pleasure for the finished construction of this special Garden Room and achieving all its designed challenges.

You will see in the background a church and tower. It is believed that this is one of the oldest churches in the country and many people studying historical buildings, very much have this on the ‘must view’ itinerary.

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