Will it be a room for all seasons?


A cold and miserable time of the year. Lights on indoors, often during the day and even if you don’t suffer Seasonally Affected Disorder, many of our customers say that the natural light and warmth created by their glazed Sun Room gives an enormous boost to their wellbeing.


Your garden may be under a blankets of snow and if you are not skiing in the Alps, you may well choose to be tucked underneath your duvet.  Such a magical time to sit out in the garden but protected by the thermally glazed structure to enjoy your garden that can be looking like a winter wonderland.


Spring not quite here yet but there will be occasional days when you can venture out into the garden to hear birds singing.  Within your conservatory you will be able to enjoy the same experience any time and day you choose.


[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]Traditionally we speak of April showers. Historically not a month to put garden furniture on your patio.  You will however be able to sit on that area which now offers protection to enjoy warm sun’s rays.


Wonderful blossom on the trees and leaves bursting out from the buds.  To be enjoyed from your Garden Sun Room rather than peering out of a window.  This is such a very special time to sit protected to enjoy these wonderful Spring days in comfort as nature continues to awaken.


[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]Flaming June we say but historically there are many June days when you could only sit in your garden with warm pullovers and a fleece, even during the daylight hours.  You will not be denied the opportunity to fully enjoy your garden with a  glazed area over part of the patio.


I was once told by a Senior Meteorological Officer, although traditionally a summer month  I am not going to activate a pub quiz to ask how many July days have NOT produced the warm sunshine and tropical weather enjoyed by those who live in the South of France so often denied to us, even the middle of an English Summer.


This is often the wettest month of the year, whereas I thought it would probably be March or maybe November.  I stand by to be corrected by those   who may have studied different records more closely than myself.


Over the last five or six years, we have had some of the wettest Summer’s on record.  Many people tell me they haven’t even bothered to get out the barbecue or garden furniture venturing to the beach on limited occasions.  To enjoy the last potentially warm and sunny days and wishing to make the most of Summer ending sunshine, it is certainly possible within your glazed conservatory sunroom.


Still we say to ourselves, winter is a long way off but we can have many days in October when it already feels like November or December but your garden and surrounding trees will still be looking green and attractive.


]We now have not winter around the corner but very much with us.  Although this can be a bleak time of the year, we will certainly be going out of doors on Bonfire Night. Any customers tell lovely stories of sitting safely inside their conservatories, whilst the family pyromaniac lights up the night sky in your garden. It is also a room where you can enjoy other firework displays and starry nights, particularly if you have a glass roof.


If like myself, you have experienced visiting a lovely glazed Sun Room around Christmas time and seen the reflection of numerous coloured lights from the Christmas Tree, it is truly a wonderful sight.  It is also a time when many people have extra family members visit their home and if you have a small dining room or traditionally eat in the kitchen, as many do nowadays, to lay a big table in the conservatory creates a party like atmosphere and if it has the latest specification glass and a fully insulated floor, there is absolutely no reason you cannot have wonderful Christmas celebrations in a warm comfortable atmosphere and not least of all in natural light, rather than in a room with mostly solid walls and ceiling all illuminated with  artificial lighting.


The very best research when contemplating the choice of a glazed conservatory, is to visit local hotels, restaurants or public houses, where they have a glass Sun Room.  This will usually be south facing and if you ask the people who work there throughout the year, how popular that room is, they will generally confirm to you, it is by far the most popular room in their establishment.  Where we have constructed these buildings onto various hostelries, the feedback is without hesitation that it was one of the best investments made.  Most certainly when compared to the use of what may be a very attractive but non protected patio area, there is simply no competition from other establishments which do not have this exceedingly popular facility.

A well designed and constructed conservatory is truly a room for all seasons.