The first patent for a stove was issued to Robert Haeterick 1793 . . .

Much has changed since then but the general principal of burning fuels within a home remains.

If a radiator, convector heating or underfloor system is not your first choice, albeit they could be introduced later as a back-up, then a modern WOOD BURNING FIRE may well be ideal to not only agreeably warm your Sun Room but provide an increasingly popular and cosy atmosphere.

Not only will you enjoy free solar gain with large areas of glass but you can collect wood very economically during the warmer months of the year. Many newly designed WOOD BURNING systems are very flexible with regards to wood or solid fuels.

  • There are numerous companies offering WOOD BURNING fires, so you will have a huge range of styles, prices and models to choose from. Although the name WOOD BURNER implies only wood can be burnt, many models are classed as multi fuel
  • Installation of the fire itself should be relatively straightforward. It would generally stand on ceramic tiles or similar and the immediate wall areas will need to be fire proofed
  • Some providers will offer a complete service or put you in touch with a tradesperson to carry out the installation. Experience shows that whilst you might research thoroughly and buy a good quality WOOD BURNING fire, the installation may leave much to be desired. Ensure you obtain reliable references
  • There are important specifications to follow with regards to flues and their position together with chimneys and how high they need to be in relation to surrounding walls and roofs. They can be ducted through side walls or even glass roofs

# There are of course fires which can be connected to your mains gas and these should generally be more economical to install, albeit not of the same character but now much more efficient and many are very attractively designed plus electric coal and flame effect.